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Want to free up 95% of your packaging warehouse spaces while being more environmentally friendly?

Let us help you do just that!!!

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Temperature Controlled Packaging
  • Inflatable solutions

    • 95% less warehousing and freight

    • Better thermal performance than EPS

    • #4 Recyclable

    • Inflate 55 ft per minute with each inflator

  • Other sustainable insulations

    • Starch Foams

    • Paper

    • rPET

    • Fiber​

  • Gel packs on demand

    • Make gel bags on site

    • 1/2 the cost of standard gel bags

    • Make the size you need

    • Don't pay freight on water

Inflatable Cushioning

Custom designed inflatable protectors

  • Wine shippers

  • Phones

  • Monitors

  • Misc. Electronics

  • Mugs

  • Glasswear

Fully automated systems, sustainable, durable.  The most cost effective protectors on the market. 

Wine Shippers.jpg
Other Packaging
  • Boxes

  • Tape

  • Mailers

  • Hot Glue

  • Labels



Who We Are and What We Do

Founded in 2018, Crossroads Packaging is a family owned packaging distributor.  We worked hard to establish our hallmark principles, which include meeting and exceeding our client's wishes and requests, selling a large selection of top quality products at fair prices, and trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Our mission is to provide the best customer service and a variety of highly specialized products at affordable prices.  We have brought together some of the best and brightest in packaging to ensure we are delivering on these principles.


Thanks for considering Crossroads Packaging!

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